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"Feels Like I'm In Love" hit the number one spot but after two weeks at the chart summit, Kelly Marie was dethroned by the Police hit "Don't Stand So Close To Me". "Feel's Like I'm in Love" would go on to spend four months on the British chart, selling more than a million copies and earning Kelly Marie a "gold" disc award. The singles performance worldwide was equally impressive feels like I'm in love went - top 5 in Germany and the Netherlands, and top 10 in Australia and extensive club plays in America where it was released by Columbia. Her follow up, Kelly Marie's "Loving Just For Fun", was written and produced by Pete Yellowstone and Steve Voice and, whilst not quite scaling the earlier peaks achieved, were still impressive, number 21 in the UK and top 20 in Germany, there by announcing the arrival of a new disco diva.


The following year, 1981, saw Kelly Marie register a further 2 hit singles:" Hot Love", which reached number 22 and" Love Trial" which made 51. Whilst the hits didn't match to the success of feels like I'm in love , it was not the end of the Kelly Marie story, for she was to be found recording Hi-NRG material for the Passion label during the middle of the decade. To find out more about Kelly Marie please do enter the best site dedicated to Kelly Marie and find out what she's up to now!!!!!!!




















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